Happy Hallows Eve

Today is October 31, 2012. This morning I cut the top off of the pumpkin and let everyone (even Big Guy) reach in with their hands and clean out the pumpkin. I told them that sometimes we have some gunky stuff inside of us and we really need God to reach in there and get it out. Sometimes it’s in our heart but IT’S ALSO IN OUR HEAD as well. Then I carved a simple cross and reminded them all that God loves them. He cleanses us and gives us new mercy every single day. You don’t get in trouble everyday for the bad decisions you’ve done in your yesterdays. Then we put a tealight candle in it and turned off the lights. I told them with all this cleansing and love, now you got love to shine. Afterwards we sang the chorus to “We Are Young” and “This Little Light of Mine”. And we have a challenge today to say “Happy Hallows Eve”, note people’s responses, and talk about the reactions tonight. So my kids are on a totally different planet today. Tonight they will avenge the enemy and fight for justice as heroes. Even if they didn’t … my seeds are watered with love and it’s in them!!! Shine my Blessings!!!!!!!!!!!

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