2014 Was A Setup


I was a little disappointed when thinking about how at the end of 2013 I was making the same resolutions as the end of 2014.  As I surveyed 2014, it was a year of trying the new.  I didn’t and sometimes couldn’t achieve my goals due to obstacles and prerequisites. In 2014 I made a lot of connections, tried new forms of singing, venues, tapped into poetry more, solidified a book angle, had year anniversary at job, got my children through, gave my children more of a taste of their ethnicity, asked strong questions about relationships, and just lived and learned.

I explored last year and know a little better this year what I want and where I need to be.  So this year I can be an arrow better aimed for that satisfaction target to my destiny I’m created for. Ask yourself what happened last year and be determined in what you want to happen this year!  I live by resolutions because without a vision to somewhere I will go nowhere.  Resolve it to be so! Love and learn your journey!!!!

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