Duck … Keep Walking!

I had many times after I had gotten stronger that people would try to use subtle and overt manipulation to get me to do what they feel is right or what they want me to do. While they are talking my brain is usually thinking, “Maybe you need to know the other side of that story AND maybe you should take your own advice!” I’ve grown to the place where when manipulation is detected in people, it tips me off like a trip wire. All I hear them saying is, “DON’T BELIEVE THEIR OPPRESSION, BELIEVE OURS!!!” or “WHO CARES ABOUT YOU, JUST DO WHAT I SAID!!!” LOL We have to be at a place where we recognize what is best for us and follow the peace of God in our heart. I’m not saying that everyone is wrong and we should listen to no one. I’m saying to recognize your indicators called your feelings, know where you are, and keep your heart clean for God to do His thing. Again recognize you probably have several manipulative people in your life and sometimes it comes from everywhere. Take none it! Not from well meaning people, crazy, screaming people, or nice, put-together people that are clueless about your journey!!! Someone once said to me, “So you’re the exception?” And what I say? I MUST BE!!! **That was a lil manipulation line if you didn’t catch it** Your freedom is yours to keep and maintain! Duck, spin out, and kept walking!

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