Visitation & The Abuser

Sadly, even though the control, manipulation, and abuse stopped for you, it doesn’t stop for the children that have visitation. Many times their eyes don’t see (like yours didn’t) and they will be the same pawns. They are walking on the same eggshells trying not to rock the same boat. They are being withheld from the same and blamed the same. And sadly, they are trying to fix it the same way we did. But they can’t. Codependency and unhealthy relationships are products of this type of rearing.

We will not even visit using the children and provision for them to try and still control, manipulate, and blame.

Sow more positive interaction in your life.

We must do our best equip them by teaching them to be critical thinkers, to feel the feelings they perceive, to do what is best for them, and to respectfully have a voice. These are skills that will advance them all their lives. We must pray for the children of those who are abusers. We will do our best …

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