A Parent’s Heart

To be a good mother or father, you don’t have to be smart, or have all the connections or be rich, but you definitely have to have a mother’s or father’s heart.  Common sense also known as wisdom is excellent in these cases.   It’s never about money, what you do for them, or what you allow them to get into despite.  It is what money can’t buy and what life makes you appreciate.  That means that you are instilling, protecting, supporting, etc. … all in love.  All else are fringe but the parental heart is MANDATORY.  We are not hireling parents, just here to do this “boss of your life” job.  We have a heart of interest in seeing you healthy, whole, prosperous, and being better than us in all areas.  Many times their needs are above your needs. That is the difference in the way children see their parents-  young and old.  Good morning Love Givers!!!

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