Assess To Progress

I’ve had a strained 7 days. So much tested. I’m more collected today and thanks for the prayers. Loss brings a flood of empathetic emotions for me. Unless I am very, very connected, I am crying for the parents, the siblings, the friends, the family, the hurt. Loos also brings about assessment. “What are YOU doing? And what do you NEED to get done? You have to get things in order. You have to make whatever happen … happen!” So I will probably get more done today than I have in 2 weeks.

this is not pressure but a realization that you cannot depend on who left because they are gone and you and only you can make things how you would want them to be. Culminate your week by wrapping up loose ends. Go through the pile of paper, make those calls, put in those applications, check on those people, and have everything in order so you can love on your babies and/or significant other tonight. Get the vision that will take you there!! Assess is definitely a step to progress! Do it to it!!!! Good Morning, Recipients of True Grace & Mercy!!!

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