Be Better Than Before

Everything that is planted today will harvest in next years. Everything that was planted in the last 4 years is harvesting right now … in our lives. Many people go through life existing and not planting. So they don’t really see any difference because there was no new harvest. Sometimes it actually becomes worse because there is no new harvest and the ground is being stripped of the nutrients that carry from year to year. Get a goal and plant a new harvest today. The truth is that I will live the next 2 years. The question is what will I do to not have wasted it when I get there? My goal is to get into the job sector to figure in 2 years what Master’s program I will conquer, that works for what I like doing. Two years ago, I decided that my goal was to get a degree so that I can, as a divorced, single mother take care of me and my 5 children. My goal was to engage my children in conversations about life and learning so that they will learn to express intelligently and think critically. Today they are 2 years better than 2 years ago. I learned that boundaries and accepting (actions don’t lie) people for their actions were my way to less drama. Today I am 2 years better emotionally than 2 years ago. Do something for the next 2 years that will make a difference 2 years from now … relationships, finances, children, education, spiritual life, family, etc.

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