BE Life & Blessing

If your words as well as your actions create karma (and they really do have power) choose to speak life and blessing to everyone … for it is your world that you affect. You bring nourishment, health, good vibes, and good relationships to your own world. These words have a boomerang effect but more importantly what kind of heart did they originate from? Yes we must watch our words but we must watch our hearts and mindsets. The words are results of our heart and mindset. So whether we say, “it is from a negative heart and mindset creating negativity” or “creating negativity with words from the heart and mind”, NEGATIVITY for the sender and receiver are the results. Speak life and blessing … create life and blessing … BE life and blessing … to your children … to your significant other … to the world … to yourself …

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  1. James Konopka says:

    I have found, after a life dominated by negative thoughts, originating from others as well as from myself, that positive thinking can be very powerful. Whereas in the past, I would imagine and fear all the doom and gloom scenarios, I now do the opposite. I intentionally take time to let my imagination wander in the positive. When I imagine wild and impractical positive circumstances, that reasonable ones occur to me that never would have in the past. Putting the results of positive thinking into practice, actually triggers positive emotions which bring on more positive thinking.

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