Be The Best Because You Are The Best

Sometimes we feel in our hearts that we are going to “show him/her that I can …” or “I will prove them wrong …”. Anytime your victories or successes have a negative connection to anyone, it is hollow and tainted. You need to let them go! That person has TOO MUCH control in your mind that the thought of them evokes this need. That person can come in and snatch the whole victory with one phrase. NO! I find many people are very attached to the negative things that the negative people in their lives think and say. ONLY CARE ABOUT THE OPINIONS OF THOSE WHO ARE WISE AND LOVING. You will never have that feeling towards them. God IN YOU is wise and loving and speaks to you as such. You are THINKING of what the negatives might be THINKING! Too much work! You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. Many times in life, that person has gone on or loves to watch you swirm. Release them and let them be who they are, and you do the same. And if you need this type of negative, inward inspirting, hype to help you achieve anything, you have to cleanse yourself and make victory for you only. Be the best YOU not in light of them but because YOU are the best!!!

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