Be Yourself!

Last night I saw my son’s actions and I told him to meet me in my room. I sternly sat my middle son down on my bed and said, “If I see you acting like your brothers or sister ever again, you will be in BIG TROUBLE! If I see you acting like anyone else, you will REALLY be in BIG TROUBLE. If you don’t know who you are, you’d better find out. Because AGAIN if I see you acting like ANYONE ELSE other than who you really are … it’s NOT going to be good for you! Do you understand me?” He finally relaxed his shoulders, smiled at me and hugged me. Sometimes there is pressure on children to be other children based on how a parent responds to the other children. I know he was so relieved that it was ok just to be himself … even if by demand as a threat! LOL If we have one in the world, we don’t need two. Twins are not even the same. Even when they look alike, they are as different as night and day. Be yourself!!!!!!!!

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