Believe Not … BELIEVE!

I am convinced that abusive, controlling people and manipulative people love to see us squirm. The whole essence of this drive is a drive for Power Over. Many times even as you watch them with others, they love to get over or win people. It makes sense when you think of their nature. But many times we want to believe that, for us, they are not like that. But because we are the most easily and accessible to be controlled (and many times are viewed of property under ownership) we squirm the most.

I think we want to believe … Not that we are crazy but we want to believe they care or that it’s gonna be ok. A hint of concern made me feel like it would be fine. Right now he is refusing to pay child support but keeps promising to give me money. He sees the relief in my eyes & loves to hear me pleading when the day comes. He loves to see me squirm. And I love it when I think first and don’t even pay him any attention. I don’t plead anymore. I rest in God. I ask God to give me wisdom. I tell Him I have no way so give me His. I thank Him in advance for favor and blessings.

This situation has taken my awareness of their ways, my strength, and God’s ability to another level. When you want to believe, believe not in them … Believe In God! Believe In YOU!

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