Heart Protection!

When you are having internal issue, at all cost deal with and resolve those issues. Whether it is inside of you or inside your home or your inner circle, this is your safe place, your nourishing place, and your support place. We must guard our heart with all diligence because out of it flows the issues of life. We must understand that 1) no one is going to do it for you 2) when our core places are discontent, it impairs other areas and 3) and it robs our peace and joy. But remember that to deal with it is a process as well. Allow yourself to walk yourself (I mean hold your own hand and pull) through why it happened, feel the feelings, and decide what is the best decision to bring you back to the peaceful place. All this is to help you not get your equilibrium upset again. We must learn the lesson for our own protection. Work through it, get your resolve, and stay behind your hedge!!! Good morning, Keep Your Breastplate In Place, Knight!!!

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