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Be A Hero Not A Zero

Now Parents, Either you are going to be a jester and bumbling idiot or a person who is wise and makes sound decisions.  If you are the first, do not expect your children to take you seriously or come to you for wisdom (they’ll love you though).  You wouldn’t go to someone embarrassing for wisdom would you?  So don’t get mad at them if they don’t want to hear you if you’re a bumbling idiot.  What response is better for […]

Too Old For Parent Blaming

​How old is too old to blame parents? When you stop blaming your parents, you allow yourself to grow up.  Otherwise you become stuck in a childlike state of mind.  Their recollection is only to let you know what you need to fix within yourself!  It’s only in your mind!!!  Stop playing a mind game with yourself so you can properly navigate your reality.  Fix it!  Not Jesus … YOU!!!

Love Of The In-Laws

​I’m pretty reflective today, a bit in my head and my emotions.  Many times the love of the family has the power to keep things together when there is very little to salvage.  The love of a mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, nieces, nephews, and, even stronger, children.  I have been here … and their love anchored my heart.  I’ve also been on the other side LOL  What I’m saying is family surround your couples and encourage those who can be […]

Marry Your Best Friend

Couples should be happy, into one another, riding a similar road, enjoying the same interest, protected by each other, be the ONE person that you can talk to & draw from, making things happen in all areas for one another … loving to make the other smile.  Many people think that what I’m saying is strange … and so you are detached moving increasingly separate.  I have only announced the attributes of your best friend.  Why not want the highest […]

Men Love My Book

​Went to a birthday party after my Book Reading/Signing and a guy there bought my book.  With no hesitation, handed me cash.  Then I went to support DIRTY MUGGS, and a guy there immediately bought my book.  The guy called me and said he was on page 60 and he was amazed at how much I have poured out of myself.  I told him, “When the Phoenix Awakens It Rises!”   He said he needed 2 more!   See, he […]

Everyone Pays Child Support

Everyone pays child support and none are exempt!  It’s amazing how in dollars and time, women pay extensively more but some believe the court favors women. What I hate is whining men!!! And I love my Brothers BUT …  If I see another whining, dumb post about how she … I’m gonna stick my … Ugghh!  BOTH of you are angry!  BOTH of you are hurt!  Most times one’s tired of the craziness and the other was caught unprepared.  Shut […]

On Father’s Day

I find that Dads who are doing their Dad thing by providing, training, guiding through life, respecting the mother of their children, and nurturing for the advancement of their children have their reward.  Parents are as valuable as what they invest in their children.  You don’t have to bully people into saying “don’t say father’s day to your mother” if father is taking care of business.  I PROMISE! Better yet, I would love to see all my Brothers encouraging their […]

He Will Find Me

Someone asked me what kind of men I like.  This is what man needs to find me … 1 – You have to understand the goddess value of a woman.  If not, you’ll miss my value in your life and in my life. 2 – He has to have similar interest and vision for family and our lives.  If I have to entertain myself, I’ll just be by myself.  Having a partner doing things together makes hot memories and lots […]

Watch “The Rug by Koi Nikole”

For the Love of Family!  Share! Educate! Love the children!

Brothers Financial Future *SHARE*

CHILD SUPPORT:  If your child ever uses TANF, the state will collect the FULL amount of your child support order from you every month for the state and only give them a small portion.  If your support is $900, and they get $400 from the state, it also collects the extra $500 for their pockets.  Per month per person on TANF.  This means that when the custodial parent is in such desperation to take care of your children and their income […]