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Yo Vertical

I told my children… ​Never rush to be in relationship or have children before achieving your goals.  You will become so busy with putting out fires and juggling lives, it becomes almost impossible to get your vertical! I’m a trophy it’s not impossible but it is so cluttering & slows the momentum. If you ever remember anything I said remember THIS–>  Never flat line, incline at least 45 degrees, but get yo damn vertical!!!! -Koi Nikole, Ya Momz

Evaluating Self

​A Beautiful One said if there is no self evaluation, there is no elevation… TRUE! When you begin to look and repair yourself, you might just take yourself to the next level!!!  When you on my business and I’m on my business, I win, not you!!  Know, evaluate, and repair YOURSELF!!!  Thank yoooou! 💜💜💜💜💜  Love y’all!

Word Spell

You can talk your way out of your blessing. You can talk your way into being depressed & lonely.. You can talk your way into having no loved ones.. You can talk your way into the best opportunity ever! Your words bring into fruition what WAS intangible. It is called “SPELLing” because of the power we cast when we speak! Fix your mouth and you might just fix your LIFE!!! Speak Life! Love y’all!!!

Kids Holiday Manipulation 

​How many manipulative children with entitlement issues will get exactly what the want for Christmas by way of guilted parents?  If this is you, try to connect heart to heart instead of at the pockets.  Go before the Divine and ask for this gift money can’t buy.  I pray the Most High blesses you with strategy, opportunity,  and wisdom!!!  Love y’all!

Text Yo Own Man

​There is no reason in hell for you to be texting your family member’s mate if they are the opposite sex!  Unless they have already said, “Hey, feel free to text my Lady (or my Man) any time you want to.  Okay?”  It’s called preventive maintenance.   Trust & insecurities is not the issue but RESPECT is!!!  What do you even look like texting somebody man “Good morning!”?  He just had a Good Morning!  Give yo man a good morning! […]

Follow Peace Within

​I think when we struggle within in making decisions, we struggle against our truth or morph into something totally other than our true selves.  Always be ready to follow internal peace … -Koi Nikole 

​I, The Phoenix Awakens,  shall mount up always with beauty for my ashes -Koi Nikole  Be amazing!💜💜💜

Your High Self

​When your religion, your relationships, your thoughts, etc. are secured through fear, you are not free to rise to your highest self.   Yes, I understand we need boundaries for our lower self.  But I need, YOU need, yes, we need Your Highness!!!  Good morning Your Highness!  Be free! Love y’all!!

Be A Hero Not A Zero

Now Parents, Either you are going to be a jester and bumbling idiot or a person who is wise and makes sound decisions.  If you are the first, do not expect your children to take you seriously or come to you for wisdom (they’ll love you though).  You wouldn’t go to someone embarrassing for wisdom would you?  So don’t get mad at them if they don’t want to hear you if you’re a bumbling idiot.  What response is better for […]

Too Old For Parent Blaming

​How old is too old to blame parents? When you stop blaming your parents, you allow yourself to grow up.  Otherwise you become stuck in a childlike state of mind.  Their recollection is only to let you know what you need to fix within yourself!  It’s only in your mind!!!  Stop playing a mind game with yourself so you can properly navigate your reality.  Fix it!  Not Jesus … YOU!!!

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