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Mommy Day Morning

My Little Loves blessed me with A call, hand picked flowers (💖💓 but someone’s missing a bush LOL), breakfast, Hershey Kisses, a forever bouquet,  Keychain, 2 100% papers, poetry,  and a beautiful 3D card with a symbolic whale!  Mothering is not easy but they are the motivation for each accomplishment hence I must do great things!!!

Watch “Ancestors (Grandma) Watching Over Me” on YouTube

Answer The Phone

My biggest pet peeve is .. When people don’t answer or return calls!  Personal or professional! Why?  Because it’s about being considerate and valuing your connections.  If you can converse with people at any time of the day and cannot return a phone call from someone you know, you’re imbalanced. Even random people have more priority than people you chose, trying to connect with you!  With my schedule I stay responding because I value relationships.  Even if I thought you […]

Royals Cover

Some club, well I karaoke.  Its my own personal “Cheers” where everyone knows my name.  My KJ has come from behind the turntable and is making my phone recording a cinema masterpiece … I guess LOL Here is one of my favorite to sing, Royal!  Of course, I love those beats!  Do things you love! Enjoy! I am covering this song and do not own its rights.

I Made Lemonade

Lemonade … An artistic poetic, visual collaboration pulling all of the senses to experience this road I’ve been on. I was actually submerged for over 10 years, going through that same mantra … until I was free, as I write, “the dam broke …”. Only to feel many of these again … There are parts that are questionable, yet true, yet powerful, yet in me. I couldn’t connect with all the songs or images but I could with all the […]

Life After

Allow people to grieve however and what part they felt they lost.  It doesn’t matter what you think of me only who I touched.  Whether you wanted me to be your religion or live the life you finally started living is irrelevant.  You WILL know that I am a trophy, a testimony, light, and a healer.  Many artist have held my hand, walked life, and taught me things my mother didn’t.  And I will do the same!!!!  It’s OK that […]

Prince Reigning

Prince has returned to our ancestors yet a lively part of ourselves … Thank you writer, musician, singer, creative artist, business man, entrepreneur, performer, road paver, memory maker, humanitarian. philanthropist, activist, conscious Brother and more …😘 HEY YOU! Punch A Higher Floor!!!!!  💜💜💜

He Will Find Me

Someone asked me what kind of men I like.  This is what man needs to find me … 1 – You have to understand the goddess value of a woman.  If not, you’ll miss my value in your life and in my life. 2 – He has to have similar interest and vision for family and our lives.  If I have to entertain myself, I’ll just be by myself.  Having a partner doing things together makes hot memories and lots […]

Awakened Bracelet

Awake Divine frequencies and wear your reminder of your Awakened Roar!  This bracelet was design by yours truly, Koi Nikole, with a butterfly, ankh, heart, rose quartz, and amethyst.  It is to remind us of our transforming strength, life after devastation, love, self-love, and intuition.  Every one of these have been very strategic in my road of awakening to recovering my highest self and best life.  Empower someone today with my testimony and this bracelet, today! The amazing “Awakened Roar” […]

Wayward Teens

If you are a mother like me, It is devastating when you sow so much into your children and all your sacrifice seems like it was for NOTHING, I can personally relate … especially because someone is sowing weeds while your sowing seeds (another story). In the moments, you question so much, relive so much, and regret all the rules for making the perfect child that you obviously thought you were keeping. First, rest your heart if you have been […]