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Yo Vertical

I told my children… ​Never rush to be in relationship or have children before achieving your goals.  You will become so busy with putting out fires and juggling lives, it becomes almost impossible to get your vertical! I’m a trophy it’s not impossible but it is so cluttering & slows the momentum. If you ever remember anything I said remember THIS–>  Never flat line, incline at least 45 degrees, but get yo damn vertical!!!! -Koi Nikole, Ya Momz

Kids Holiday Manipulation 

​How many manipulative children with entitlement issues will get exactly what the want for Christmas by way of guilted parents?  If this is you, try to connect heart to heart instead of at the pockets.  Go before the Divine and ask for this gift money can’t buy.  I pray the Most High blesses you with strategy, opportunity,  and wisdom!!!  Love y’all!

Be A Hero Not A Zero

Now Parents, Either you are going to be a jester and bumbling idiot or a person who is wise and makes sound decisions.  If you are the first, do not expect your children to take you seriously or come to you for wisdom (they’ll love you though).  You wouldn’t go to someone embarrassing for wisdom would you?  So don’t get mad at them if they don’t want to hear you if you’re a bumbling idiot.  What response is better for […]

Too Old For Parent Blaming

​How old is too old to blame parents? When you stop blaming your parents, you allow yourself to grow up.  Otherwise you become stuck in a childlike state of mind.  Their recollection is only to let you know what you need to fix within yourself!  It’s only in your mind!!!  Stop playing a mind game with yourself so you can properly navigate your reality.  Fix it!  Not Jesus … YOU!!!

Everyone Pays Child Support

Everyone pays child support and none are exempt!  It’s amazing how in dollars and time, women pay extensively more but some believe the court favors women. What I hate is whining men!!! And I love my Brothers BUT …  If I see another whining, dumb post about how she … I’m gonna stick my … Ugghh!  BOTH of you are angry!  BOTH of you are hurt!  Most times one’s tired of the craziness and the other was caught unprepared.  Shut […]

Graduation And Family

I 💙💖💚💚💙 my children!!!  I have fought a lot and overcome great obstacles these last 6 years and this picture makes me sooo proud!!! My photographer is better than yours!! *dancing* Love me some @arousedbyart!!!  #KoiNikole

Sowing Tare Kills

Many don’t have the opportunity to have 2 custodial parents but the important thing is to be surrounded by love, motivation,  and direction.   But when there is an ex, aunt, mother, or the like steering your children against your direction, they will revolt even if you give them all the resources and love you can.  So even though the perpetrator is happy they won, they just destroyed moral fabric and foundation of a budding success story.  Just like in your […]

Happy Mommy Day

This is to ALL of us!  Being a woman and trying to keep everyone’s life in order while trying to stay afloat in yours is commendable if I say so myself!  Where would the world be without you?!?!  Un-existent … unborn …and in chaos LOL  Happy Mother’s Day!

Mommy Day Morning

My Little Loves blessed me with A call, hand picked flowers (💖💓 but someone’s missing a bush LOL), breakfast, Hershey Kisses, a forever bouquet,  Keychain, 2 100% papers, poetry,  and a beautiful 3D card with a symbolic whale!  Mothering is not easy but they are the motivation for each accomplishment hence I must do great things!!!

Wayward Teens

If you are a mother like me, It is devastating when you sow so much into your children and all your sacrifice seems like it was for NOTHING, I can personally relate … especially because someone is sowing weeds while your sowing seeds (another story). In the moments, you question so much, relive so much, and regret all the rules for making the perfect child that you obviously thought you were keeping. First, rest your heart if you have been […]