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They Said NO

​The full moon brought me an answer I didn’t foresee or desire. Nevertheless I will recalibrate, recalculate, and ground myself in practical measures.  Every “no” is not forever but it does press you forward toward refining the road to  YES!   Every “no” isn’t because you are so wrong … sometimes it’s because YOU ARE SO RIGHT for something else or someone else.  Get yo life you love!!!!  I love y’all !💜💜

I Love Haters

​Over the last few weeks the Most High brought the actions of a few against me before my eyes.  I guess they were sneak dis, hater stuff, and girly catty-ness.   I’m a Sagittarius so I operate not so much on emotional energy.  So it doesn’t ruffle my emotional feathers.  It makes me analyze, put you in the not-so-bright category, and shake my head because you just cut off someone who would have loved to invest in you!  I don’t […]

Thanks Guys!

​Always amazing the things I’ve been through to get right here!  Selah 💜 … As I listen to Luther Vandross, I think of the cheaters & liars that cheated & lied themselves out of the best they’ve ever had.  See, otherwise, there was no reason to leave.  So you freed me!  The beauty is that I seem to always get stronger, a better picker, and better outcome.  So THANK YOU so much for pushing me to the next level!!!  And […]