Celebrating A Mind Change

Today, though there are things beyond my control staring me in the face, I am going to celebrate my growth. I am always in awe of where I was and where I am now. Many people see the weight change, the clothes, my achievements, what I have acquired, etc. I am celebrating the change in my mindset about me. I am celebrating the change in my mindset about what people think and their expectations of me. I am celebrating the power I have over my thoughts and who I even allow in my thoughts. I am celebrating equipping my self with abuse awareness so that control will never have me in bondage again. I am celebrating my ability to transcend situations and get the core of things. I am celebrating my tenacity and determination. I am celebrating my own quest to renew my mind to my value, life worth, and true connection to God.

See these are the things that no one can see taking place in you. And these same triumphs, no one can ever take away from you. I know that I am evolving and seeking knowledge and love everyday. The fruit of these are seen. But the hard work to build and maintain the mental muscles, others don’t see. What strengths are you celebrating that others don’t and cannot see. Remember: without mind change … you will never go beyond where you are! Mindset change is pivotal to every resurrecting comeback!!!!

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  1. Tango says:

    Love this! I am transcending from childhood bondage and abuse which filtered over into lifelong abuse. I am facing the two year old that’s inside me that has never had the opportunity to feel safe enough to grow up. I am strengthening my mental muscles so I too can fulfill my purpose!

    • Koi Nikole says:

      Yes ma’am! I talk about that little girl/boy because that little person is so real. We have done our best at such a young age to protect them. But they have to grow healthy. And every year we skip we have to go back and let them mature through it. Isn’t it amazing that that is true mentally, emotionally, and educationally? But as we continue to allow that growth, the stronger we become! I’m so excited for you, strides you have made, and the challenges YOU WILL overcome. Big hugs Sister Friend!!!

  2. Excellent work! It takes a lot of courage to face difficult and daunting circumstances head on; and pursue what is best. What is best for you in an a abusive situation is best for the world (and everyone in it). Congratulations!

    I have found that such a mind change is not always permanent. It fades in and out, requiring constant attention and effort. Sometimes I return to my old default habitual thought patterns. At that point I need to evolve in a slightly different way. i hope someday a positive mind change will fall permanently in place.

    • Koi Nikole says:

      Thank you! And it is absolutely true “what is best for you is best for everyone round you”. I had to learn that. I think sometimes that the old default is our unperfect nature, our old suggestions still suggesting LOL I believe that we are so powerful that we can make the new ways bigger and louder. I kind of think they are good because they remind me of where I was, the power I now have, and how they can effect my future. It’s like the feeling in the ring when the opponents swing on you and you just hit him once and … KNOCK HIM OUT!!!!! Have a great day!

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