Covering Hearts

Today is the 100th day of school for my twin kindergarteners. We decorated their shirts with 100 hundred items including puff paint, glittering stars, playground stickers, Avenger stickers, and safety pins constructed in a star. They were so proud of the cool shirts. Before school I alerted them several times that if anything falls off, don’t worry about it, this is just for today. Otherwise, they will be at school with a meltdown saying to themselves or crying, “I’m falling apart and everyone is laughing at me”. So now we’re late for school and I stop and pick up something to eat. I explain while it is important to be on time, we have to consider you haven’t eaten since yesterday and lunch is in 4 more hours. I went in, took pictures, suprisingly got to see them perform, and kissed them off to their school parade. Please remember that while nice things are nice, a parent who cares about the emotional well-being of his/her children, is priceless. They had a great day not because the shirt was new and personalized but because I equipped them on how to handle their day and that my love for them transcends things and even what others think. When they remember this day, they will remember it as feelings of exhortation, the calming of fears, the pride in seeing my face there, and the love in my kiss as they paraded through the school. Please cover and direct little hearts.


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