Create It!

My birthday weekend was so great!! I knew what I wanted to do and I planned to make it happen. Some friends jumped on board to help me celebrate and VOILE!!!! I karaoke-hopped and sang 8 times in one night. Then I went dancing and danced the night away with some special people. This reminded me that you have to create the world you want. Find out what it takes to create that world and start working. I want certain kind of relationships so I steer clear of certain people with the wrong attributes for the world I want to make. I want certain kinds of children so I read books. When I divorced, they were exposed to a lot of things that I strongly disapprove of, so then I began to employ other reminders and fillers to help them to balance the detrimental behavior. I even took me and my children to a therapist. Why? Because I don’t have forever to maybe or MAYBE NOT find the right path to recover damage, loss, and healing. It is important to create that world even when you are married. You accept the things you cannot change, and in light of your desired goal, change the things that you can. Make what ever it is happen!! Your gifts are beautiful and your expression is one of a kind. You will definitely feel God’s smile when you … do you … and make it happen!!!

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