Create With Your Children

S9 (3)A friend posted a question, she said “when was the last time that you built or created anything from scratch with your children?”  Are we teaching our children to just consume everybody else’s things?

I have discussions and yes they see me thinking and working hard but I want to do better.  But they have to participate in your vision and accomplishments.  As a single mother, my children were so proud watching me graduate.  Being involved in that life process affected them positively.   My son is written in my potential 501c3.  All my children had a job at my last event.  I don’t want them to do my business, I want them to know how business works so they can do THEIR OWN business!  Create Life, Create Love, and Create Money with your Children!  Good Morning, Make & Be Fishers!!!

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  1. aroused says:

    Ok. Now that we know the answer to African American financial freedom is education from our own, money and the ability to produce something and or supply and demand. The question is. “When was the last time you attempted to build or create something from scratch with your child?” Who is planting the seed if the parent is not. Oh I forget the new age black parent just feeds the kids and send them to the state for schooling. Where they will be systemically undereducated and where they will receive just enough education to talk and to work on somebodies job or not.. And than the parents get mad at the kids for them not doing their job. Parents enslaving their own children to the mastah and dont see it that way or dont know they are doing it. Time to create and event something Fam! We are slacking….

    • Koi Nikole says:

      I’m creating those opportunities for my little ones right now! We also have to educate and bring ourselves forward to build and create for ourselves. Otherwise we cannot give any generation something we don’t have. I feel good knowing that this is always in my heart and I am doing just that! And when more are taught to do the same, it will change our community.

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