Destination vs. Journey

This morning I am thankful to know that life is … a journey.  We have to remember that where we are, even in our bliss, is an experience on that journey.  I thought events in my life where a destination but those involved hearts were clearly that of a person passing through.  And therefore, when my permanence was only their temporance, they exited and I was standing there holding up the banner, blood stained.  But  … that was just a part of the journey.  I  learned to let go of what was not to be (Wednesday’s blog).   We are even learning what and who has that staying power on this journey.  Where ever you are is temporary.  If you’re doing not so good, there is hope.  If you are doing ok, there is elevation.  Also remember if you are good, there are sometimes valleys (so handle your relationships and finances accordingly).  Always be progressive!  Always love!  Keep it moving!  Good morning Triumphant Travelers!!!!!!

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