Don’t Eat Trash

This year I had someone who would call me and constantly gossip about their spouse and in-laws …everyday … several times a day. They were telling me things to convince me of how horrible they were. Because I didn’t respond, they would keep planting these seeds and watering others. I would listen out of respect for my elders and being a family member. I noticed that it began to drain me every time I even saw them on caller id. The persuasive manipulation was actually about to drive me nuts!! Not only did I have my own situations, my school, my children, my work, and my career to carry, I obviously had to carry all their weight as well. And because I am a listener I knew that it was not a weight for them but the negativity was a weight on me. One day I told her what she needed to do to fix it and she turned a deaf ear and proceeded the usual calls the next day. Elderly, family, whatever is not a good reason for me to be drained my whole day about issues that were not real or relative. We have to watch what we take in our ear-gates and our eye-gates. If you are trying to radiate light in your life, darkness need not abide. I realized I wasn’t being helpful because she didn’t want to be helped, she just liked to … convince and persuade. At that point, I had to close that access down. We can’t let people dispose of their garbage on or in us. Everyone doesn’t want to fix it, test them and see. For some, drama is the only excitement they have in life. We must set aside every weight that so easily besets us. You are no longer a garbage dump. Live clean and free!

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