Don’t Give Up or Give In

I wish I could just tell every noncustodial parent to do all you can to stay connected to your children and be an example of the exemplary person you want them to be. Do whatever you can to stay connected by helping financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. This little person has been given to you, not as a pawn but as protege of every facet of life. If you really love this young person, always do what is in THEIR best interest … regardless of what fits you. Ask “Is this best for my child?”

To the children, none of these things nor their choices are your fault. These choices have nothing to do with you. Most times it is the core of this person’s heart. So learn to accept people for who they show you they are and learn to do things the opposite way. They are teaching you what NOT TO DO! I know that it seems that parents shouldn’t be like this but it is more common than you think. You are in a majority and it hurts. So break this generational thing but taking your parenting and leadership to a new level. It’s a new day … make your mark count!!!!

Love y’all!!!!

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