Don’t Move With Manipulation

Someone told me, “Nothing is gonna work until you start singing gospel.” One of my greatest narcissist sings gospel and it hasn’t worked out for me either. My other narcissist spends 5-10 hours a week at church. I told her I will sing of Love and God is Love and maybe she should say that I need to make sure that I keep my hand and heart in God. Singing gospel will not save me or exempt me. I know because I have had my fair share of church experiences.

People will use manipulation, which is a form of witchcraft, to get you to do what they want you to do or what they deem is best for you. When you make decisions you have to know why you made them and stand your ground. Every choice is not perfect but it should be you trying to make the right decision for you. It will not all be perfect because you cannot see the heart of all involved or the future. The best thing to do is analyze it, make the best, and have peace that based on what you knew to be right, this is right. God is not foreign. He gave you those feelings, those desires, those red flags, and that mind! Do consult your God and move as He leads you heart.

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