Don’t Stereotype Yourself

I am stereotyped because of my skin color, my gender, my size, and my shape.  For my red eyes-> have eye issues, never did drugs.  Have 5 children-> married 14 yrs.  I homeschooled for years -> can’t see that on my resume. 

But for those who know me …
I am highly intelligent, capable, skillful, fun, adventurous, and optimistic!

Never let what other people think about you inhibit your greatness!  Don’t worry about proving people wrong, prove yourself right!  But rest assured that as we press forward, not getting caught in the stereotype rut, we will be and do the greatness that we are!!!!!!  Good morning Great Lights!

2 Responses to Don’t Stereotype Yourself

  1. James Konopka says:

    I don’t know you very well. But you are obviously so much more than any stereotype, from the little I do know of you. You go girl! Let someone else set limitations in their own mind. I choose to let God set mine.

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