Don’t Stop, Get it, Get it!!!!!

I would like to thank God for ordering my steps. My schedule changed and before I complained I realized that that change opened me another opporturtunity. Then when I went to seek that opportunity, I was told to make some calls because I was too late. Instead of taking what “they” said, I called to see if there was a way to get in or when the next opportunity started. I was told that it was wonderful I called, that everyone had been sick and so it was postponed. What I’m saying is what started off being something not cool at all, has pushed me into looking for more opportunities and even opening another. This morning I’m singing to you, Don’t stop, Get it, Get it!!!! When faced with a situation, you must ask “how does this work for me”. Find the opportunity because everything happens for a reason. Whether it is a blessing, an attack, a test, or a promotion. You need to find the gold in it and keep it moving. That’s how you get where God is taking you. Don’t stop, Get it, Get it!!!

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