Don’t Stuff Or Numb

Many times we have stuffed our feelings or are so numb to them that we can withstand anything. That sounds great, huh? Actually we are like shaken soda bottles about the burst the top or frozen numb bottles that just burst the glass in the freezer. Our feelings let us know when something is right and when something is wrong. Many times I functioned in a pseudo-faith, survival mode (made that name up LOL). But I was like a martyr at all cost which would soon cost me my well-being if not my life. Many take medicine because they “took it”. The imploding is actually internally damaging. We want to be as far from depression and anxiety as possible. Yet they are probably one of the highest number of prescribed drugs.

Today know that you Creator created you that way. Your feelings are flags whether red or green. Repeated events are confirmations. And slowing down and pulling out of situations are always options that you really do have.

You need effective releases that 1) allows you to purge the negativity 2) get info you need to know what to think in that situation 3) set boundaries so that person doesn’t cross them again. Whether it is red flags in your job, relationship, children, et. SEE THEM … ACKNOWLEDGE THEM … FIND THE CORE ISSUE AND FIX IT!! Because YOU are so important ,., and moving beyond is a MUST!!!

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