Dress To Impress You

The way we dress can be a manifestation of things that are going on inside or may be how we view ourselves.  This ultimately becomes the way others view us based on outward impressions.   Do not be overly occupied with what others think. But be definitely aware with what you want to emulate.   Never keep up with the Jones!  And never dress to keep up with a group. That will turn into an expensive habit and waste of money.

You may feel you don’t have many clothes. Try this. Go to a thrift store and instead of picking up jeans and jogging suits, pick up dresses, slacks, and the cutest shirts. It may cost a couple of dollars more so just get fewer pieces this time. You’ll be closer to being the look you want at you present financial status.  The goal is to shoe on the outside the royalty you are on the inside!

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