Follow Through

I read a study about Netflix that stated if you have to make a choice between eating carrots or cake a week from now, you would choose carrots. It also revealed that if the cake is presented in marketing a week later instead of eating the carrots you will choose the cake. For the same reason, candy is put at checkout counters and are never on shopping list (but they have to be sold). Marketers know this when they are trying to sell you on food, cars, etc. Be aware that being prepared is always the healthy choice (and reduces stress). Go with the best thought you had at first and stay away from impulse buy-ins that you haven’t planned for. This will keep you on the straight and narrow of getting the right things done. Whether it’s losing weight, going to school, getting a great grade, a promotion, abstaining from using profane language, discipling your children, knowing your children better, or not letting toxic people in your life … Make good choices in advance and stick with it!!! Follow through to a better YOU!!!

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