Free Your Mind

One day I read a quote that said, “if you’re not happy with your life, change your religion”. It made me think about my beliefs, it’s purpose, and it’s affects on my life. It may seems blasphemous at first but soon, it will make you look at God’s expectations vs. imposed expectations- from you or others. It was a good prompter. I am convinced, and always have been, that God absolutely loves me and wants His best for me. But this added a dimension to my evolution that made me look more deeply into the core of what I was doing and why. This created an all out search to what was making me unhappy, what was oppressing me, what was depressing me, who was holding me back, and what were the invisible bars in my life. For the rest of our lives, weeds will creep up unaware. But if we find out how our joy-stealers came to be, we will readily identify before the pressing begins. Understand why you think and feel that way and Free YOURSELF!!

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