Get Through!

I’ve had an awesome week! God just kept blessing me after a crazy incident Saturday morning. I realized that I had to get through Saturday to get to Tuesday …. Let that sink in … When you are in a storm it seems as if it will not break, that it will not release you. I was living that event minute by minute with things racing through my mind and heart. I am glad that I didn’t react out of character because it would have been a horrible memory for my kids, made unhealthy levels in my body, and wore on my mind and emotions. I didn’t know that for the next 4 days God would show me “He got me” and would show me glimpses of my reward for my tenacity in the face of opposition. You see, it wasn’t about Saturday but making it to Tuesday. It was about the process and getting through to the blessed place. It was on the other side all the time, I just had to GET THROUGH. I had to get through Saturday like a boss to get to Tuesday and be a boss!!! Ahh Yeah!!! Good morning! Get Through to your blessed place!!!

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