God Is Not Blind In One Eye

We act like God is a one-eye-seeing, half-knowing God … Correction … He’s not!!! I learned a few years ago that you cannot chase every rumor and you cannot explain everything to people that don’t want to understand. But God sees with all-seeing eyes and IS all-knowing.

When you are dealing with issues that seem like no one sees or understands, know that God sees, understands, knows the truth, and has your back. At this point, walk in faith and don’t even sweat it. I’ve made many choices to cut off toxic people in my life. Many disapproved of it because they were family. So in my head, I questioned, “So you would rather me take the abuse and the hurt so that everyone can keep intentionally hurting me to make them feel better.” Nevertheless, even the people trying to force me into this debilitating state were reevaluated. It dawned on me that they didn’t much care about me but how it looked and the fact that they wanted the other person to shut up. And if it took me being hurt to do it … so what!!!

But God saw why I made the choices. But God knows why I wanted to scream to them what I felt with no filters. God knows how deep the hurt is and how it’s HIS strength that rises me above. It’s Him that whispers to me when I can’t shake the thoughts of betrayal and it’s Him that makes it alright in the end.
I will walk in faith that God knows me through and through, my comings and my goings, my weakness, my victories, and my motives. And to us 2 (me & my Big God) , I will be true … His eyes are wide open on me …

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