Good Morning, Freedom Fighters!

You are unique! I can list several things about myself that I’d like to change. In all my self-badgering, I have to come to the acceptance that this is how it is and this is what it’s gon’ be! The truth is that you are wired beautifully and that no one in this world is like you. Though there are many who would like to change me to be what they want me to be, I have dedicated myself to being me. I don’t want to look like you, dress like you, live up to other’s expectations like you, or be striving for unattaninable perfection like you. I just want to be me. I want to do what God has crafted me to do. I want to love, respect, and honor Him. And people that love you being yourself are the people you want to live your life with. Otherwise, your life is stifled! Your creativity doesn’t flow, your heart is not fulfilled, you will never have that adventure that takes you higher, you’ll never live that passion God put in you. You are a caged bird, feathers clipped, singing, dreaming , and wishing of the freedom! The right people that see your value are waiting to engage with you. I’m so living this!!! Good morning Freedom Fighters! Fight to stay free!

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