Good morning, Let it flow!

My son ran 40 yards Saturday with the ball.  After the game, I ran down and he picked me up and twirled me on the track.  LOL When he got in the car, he was screaming. “Momma, did you see me? I …”  And I started screaming with him, “I told them jokers … what are y’all stopping my son for? …).  The smile that beam from his face was enough to make me remake that game all over again.   We just screamed and laughed the rest of the time.  I screamed, “I know, Baby, I was running with you”.  He gave me a thankful son look and said, “I know, Momma, I saw you running with me …”.  I could have cried right there because as a mother, I want nothing but happiness and fulfillment for my children.  The fact that he saw me running along side of him let him know that I’m with him, for him, behind him and pushing him.  These are the very attributes I display  on the field, in the house, at the school, and in the kitchen.  Today I am thankful that God’s Love flows through me for my children.  This love fulfills me and them.  Let it flow! Let it flow! Let it flow!

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