Graduated With My Bachelor’s Degree!

I picked up my degree from my University and tears began to flow with every emotion attached as I thought of these people … Thanks to my girls Victoria , Dorie , and Aunt Julia for being at the corner in the ring cheering me on, fighting with me, and keeping my checklist on point everyday LOL Thanks to Glenn for being my release, my safe haven, willing and able, and the wind beneath my wings. Thanks to my babies (King Israel Izzy) for being my motivation, my in-house comedic daily sitcom, my iron sharpeners, and the strength of my love. Thank you Daddy for always reminding me I’m so smart and can do anything, listening to me vent about these nut cases LOL, allowing me room to make my mistakes, having my back unwaveringly, and to know that if you got it … then I got it! Thanks to all my family and friends that give hugs to my heart. Love, adoration, and thanksgiving to the Most High God!! *gratefulness flowing from my eyes and my heart …*

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