Great Year 2013!! Bye!!

This year was amazing for me. I got to see the harvest of work I had been putting in for the the last 2-3 years. Realize that if you want to see something come to fruition, you better be investing in it right now! I severed invisible chains people had on me … which was probably the most liberatingly powerful thing I’ve ever done!! I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, started a new position, maintained home and sanity in the wake of financial loss, sang in a band, shot a gun, carried my children through, and still blessed them for holidays and birthdays. I am just so amazed at it all!!! Just me and God! When I was thrown a curve ball, many times I dodged them or I just knocked that joker out the park.

These last 3 years, and even now, my pervading thought has been to be able to provide for my 5 children. Financial support has been a non-existent game but … DON’T NO MONKEY, STOP NO SHOW!!!!! So today I want you to know that when you sow, you really do REAP!!!! Make goals that yield measurable results and remember no matter the storm DON’T NO MONKEY STOP NO SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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