Happy Birthday!!!

I can’t believe it is here but IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! I am so thankful for another year. As I sit here in my (I said MY) home, warm and cozy (I said WARM) living room, expressing my peacefully sane (I said PEACEFULLY, SANE) thoughts, I just want to thank God for another year and all that I have right this minute!!! A birthday is very important because it is the one day that it is all about you! I believe that it should be made as special as possible. A birthday should be filled with things that make you smile. For my birthday I will go up to my kids school and have lunch with each one. Why? Because they make me smile!! I will tear from the elementary and go the the middle school for lunch with my Big Guy. Why? Because he loves that his friends love me, and his smile, makes me smile. I do have class and I will buy cupcakes for the classmates. I bet they’ll smile. Yep! And it will make me smile. I sing at 2 karaokes with friends because that makes me smile. I will finish with a late dinner with a friend and then rest with a smile. And this weekend … I will dance forever with people that I love living life with because IT’S MY BIRTHDAY (and THAT will make me smile!!!! Enjoy this special day! And create you a special day monthly too!!!

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