I Got You!

I had a crazy Saturday morning with some drama queens in my life. I didn’t do much reacting but just in disbelief but not shocked at all. But the whole weekend God just kept blowing me kisses. My Aunt called and talked me through before it seeped in. God was saying to me “I got you.” Then I got home from church and a song just flowed from my lips within 10 mins. God was saying “It’s a distraction, don’t get cluttered, I got you.” Then I received a call on Monday night, reminding me not to forget a financial blessing I’M ENTITLED TO. God was like “I’ll take care of you, I got you.” An issue occured with a friend who quickly moved to repair it. God was saying “These relationships are the ones you need. I got you.” I had been fortified so much by God’s kisses, I went to bed in peace and love. This morning I receive an email reminding me to submit an Application for Degree form. I cried because of God’s love for me and He sees my efforts. God was letting me know that though people have tried years and years to make me as miserable as they are, stay clean, stay true to what He has purposed in my heart, HE GOT ME!! So YOU don’t get cluttered in your head or your heart and stay clean. Keep pressing toward the mark. They can’t get you unless you want to be got!! Good Morning, HE GOT YOU!!!!

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