I Love Haters

​Over the last few weeks the Most High brought the actions of a few against me before my eyes.  I guess they were sneak dis, hater stuff, and girly catty-ness.   I’m a Sagittarius so I operate not so much on emotional energy.  So it doesn’t ruffle my emotional feathers.  It makes me analyze, put you in the not-so-bright category, and shake my head because you just cut off someone who would have loved to invest in you!  I don’t feel I have haters but emotionally confused people that haven’t accepted that there is something about me that keeps me on their mind💜!  Yes, I still love you … I just can’t trust your judgment.   But the reason I LOVE the way this Universe works is …

When you’re talking me down at least 3 people simultaneously are loving me up!!!  

Good morning & I genuinely love y’all!!!

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