I Stole A Vacation

Because this is life, things unfavorable will happen many times. That’s just the way it is! This is the adventure of this journey. Life is not a life sentence with no parole. Yes, sometimes we have to steal our vacations, even if they only exist in our heads … or in the solitude of a restroom. I have gone in the bathroom, closed myself in, slid down the door and refused to think for about minutes. Every so often I would hear something and like a recorder say, “there are consequences”. LOL Sounds crazy? It was one of the smartest things I ever thought to do to keep crime down in my house. You don’t just need 4 weeks of vacatio a year, you need breaks several times a day. It’s not to make you lazy but to keep you intuned and crisp. Good morning, Never minimize the power of a silent 15 minutes in meditation!!

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