Insecurities At Work

Sisters and Brothers … EVERYONE has insecurities!! *applause* Sometimes it seems that we thought we were the only ones. Or sometimes we forget that we have them too. Your insecurities are the main reason you do not progress in many areas. It is not your skill level. It is not your knowledge content. It is not your daddy or the neighborhood you grew up in. If it is any of those, it is only how they affected your insecurities. How does a person that can’t sing get a sold out concert or a person with limited experience get the job? They either don’t have insecurities in key areas or they know how to shut them up. Take some time to recognize your insecurities and what your insecurities are as it relates to your career and your relationships. We need to make them not scream so loudly. The CEO is still insecure but he makes his “fear of failure” work for him. Or the TV personality that makes you laugh all the time makes his same “fear of not being accepted” work for him. Maybe your “fear of being hurt” will help you find a better mate or your “fear of small spaces” will keep you out of jail. Whatever the case … MAKE YOUR INSECURITY WORK FOR YOU!

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