Inspite Of

Many of my intentional successes are not made because of but inspite of. And many of yours are too. How you were brought up has no jurisdiction over the progress you make in life UNLESS YOU CONCEDE and allow it to do so. Almost everyone will say what they didn’t have and it is true. Your past has the capability of holding you back but not stopping you. I remember a pastor testifying once that he went to college with people that knowledge came easy. He admitted that, for him, he would have to stay in and burn the midnight oil to make the same grades they made so easily. As a result he is well respected for his works and is one of my favorite spiritual leaders. You have been blessed by God to create any kind of life you want. If you want better for your kids, better kids, better relationships, better finances, a better environment, etc. beyond what you see or have experienced … dive in there and get the information you need and DO IT! Let nothing hold you back!!!!! Do it INSPITE OF WHOEVER AND WHATEVER!!!

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