I’ve Got The Power!

I was driving this morning and was turning over in my head that NOTHING HAS ANY POWER OVER US UNLESS WE BELIEVE IT… I have been going through a process of understanding the power I have via my mind. Even in our sleep we have the choice to run or stand. Even though a dream is like an imagination, it will totally impair you with fear. But when you understand that it is just a dream or a divine message, you can wake up, shake it off, shift the thoughts, and go back to sleep. When we or children we know strengthen fear by believing in the imagination, there is anxiety, lack of sleep, fear, and a groggy next day. Or when it comes to credit card companies, are they coming to put you in jail, get you fired, or end the world as you know it today. Adapting the understanding of not letting these fear tactics impair you, will give you greater peace which is greater health. It will also give you a wiser understanding to make better choices and strategies for what needs to be done. Sometimes you need to take the power away from the situation and give it back to who it rightfully belongs …YOU! Don’t give it power over you! Good Morning! I’ve Got The Power (C&C Music Factory) *strikig a pose*

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