Job Hunting

If you are looking for a job, do me a favor … change your email address to your name or initials (not 8ball, sugaray, etc.). Also change your voicemail, preferably to your business voice asking to leave a message and thanking caller. Please no crazy music until you answer. I am not a professional coach for this but I know what I hear is off.

Some people can’t change their name but do recognize that people see and judge before they meet you and before they experience your work. No we shouldn’t judge but when you are putting your business and the money it makes into someone else’s hands, you judge whether this person is a good fit to represent your business. PLEASE let’s do better so we can get this money, then read a book (Family Wealth by James E. Hughes, Jr.) so you can know what to do with it!!!!!!! Good morning, Money Maker Shakers!

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