Keep Your Eye On The Prize

There is a scriipture that says, “if there be any virtue, if there be any praise, think on these things …” We must not just focus on the positives but what in our lives is leading us to where we want to go. If there is something that has beset us, give it only the little attention that will solve it. Then go back to focusing on the power that resolution will make in your life. If your children will not act accordingly, take a few minutes for correction, and focus on what you want the result to be. In a relationship, a career, etc., take a minute to fix the issue (and ask will this kind of connection take you were you want to be), then get back focused on getting where you want to be. When you think about it, it will save you on all the down time. You’ll be more progressive and at a quicker pace. I have several things (OK, more than several) on my plate, but I am always thinking toward the next good thing. Sometimes I think that’s why I move quickly with some things. Many times I am planting, watering, and harvesting at the same time. Keep your eye on the prize!!!

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