Koi Has No More Campaigns

This  is TRULY how I am feeling this season of my life!   I’M HERE!!!!  I don’t owe nobody no explanations (that’s a triple negative!) and I am who I am!  And know me by my achievements, HERE!  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell your freaking past, I WON ALL OF THEM!  All you tried to do to me!  All you tried to keep me from!  All you said!  All the crazies I thought and did!  And you show them by getting in position and winning them ALL!  All of you are at the table with me!  Not only is God going to prepare my feasting table before your eyes (in the presence of all my enemies as well!) but I’m going to dawn the catwalk like the Overcomer I AM!!!   Koi on FLEEK!


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