Your Shine Is Real

I was asked to sing at my younger cousin’s homegoing on tomorrow.  A family member said to me, “I don’t know why they’re asking you, you don’t know how to sing …”  I was giving a blank stare, shaking my head, and cheshire grinning all at the same time!  #1 You obviously don’t know me if you don’t know that I sing #2 You obviously don’t know me if you don’t know how I sing #3 Your usual is that you don’t like my shine so why are you talking to me #4 We got some blood but maybe you need to re-evaluate if I’m your family.  Look HERE … I stared for a while and said, “Is there a specific song for request?”  See, I’m done.  I have no words because it will all be in the putting.  Forget the fact that I sang at your niece wedding and at Christmas but you walked out.  Don’t retaliate with words … JUST DO WHAT YOU DO LIKE YOU DO!  So with my hard work, I will give those who chose me what they expect of me, feel good that I was a blessed part of my cousin’s memory, and let the garbage cans make their noise!!  Good morning, and cheers to those that force you to know YOUR SHINE IS REAL!!!!

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