Live By Righteousness Not Feelings

In conversation a brother said he notices that brothers nowadays always catchin’ feelings.  I told him from a women’s point of view, they seem to always be IN their feelings.  They struggle with making choices on the things they are supposed to do (by principle of manhood) and are dead set on being moved only by the whims their feelings gauge. 

The man in your life should teach you to take care of your finances, your credit, your children, your wife, direct your career in a way that gives you balance and a restful future, and walk with and follow God.

There are times when 1 of these can be something you couldn’t control.  But when it shakes you off, immediately get back on that 6 grind so you lose no time!  More than anything I want every man to navigate successfully because that is a family saved and a strong young man for the next generation. Making men with standards that surpass rap music and action movies and creates legacy and family strength!!!!

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