Love That Style

Yesterday my Big Guy saw my outfit to his banquet and said, “Mom that looks hot!” I grabbed his arm in the reception hall and said, “We so hot, Big Guy” and he laughed as I cheesed. This morning my 7 yr. old twin kept trying to get my attention. I was moving fast. But as I helped him rub lotion on his face he said, “Mom, your fingernails look pretty.” Aaaaw … I always have natural but this weekend I opted for polish.

Six years ago I decided that my circumstance cannot dictate my presentation to my children … and so my locs were born. Dress pretty to make you feel good! Dress pretty to be an example to your sons and for you daughters. I love they love who I have become and becoming … but I love that I love me as well!! It looks good on the both of us! Good morning!!

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